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    Celebrate Pride Month with our bestselling team-building experiences. Get together to celebrate diversity, as we put together a fun-filled time customized for your team!

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Pride Month is an annual celebration that takes place every June to commemorate the LGBTQ+ community and their ongoing struggle for equal rights and acceptance. The month-long celebration includes various events, activities, parades, and demonstrations that highlight the contributions and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.
A virtual Pride event for corporate teams is an online celebration of Pride Month that is hosted by a company for its employees.
A virtual Pride event can benefit a corporate team by promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering a sense of community and belonging, and demonstrating the company's commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.
There are many ways that corporate teams can celebrate Pride Month virtually. Here are some ideas - Diversity and Inclusion Training, Pride-Themed Trivia Night, Virtual Drag Show, Virtual Drag Bingo, Virtual Pride Happy Hour.
Pride Month group games can be customised completely to fit your team’s needs and can start from 30 minutes and up. Our team will customise the experience to fit your company’s needs.
Yes, companies of varying sizes can host Pride Month team activities with us. We have team-building experiences around the US that partner with us to give you the best opportunity for engaging your employees.
A virtual Pride event for corporate teams can help to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace by raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, encouraging dialogue and understanding among team members, and promoting a culture of respect and acceptance.
Yes, most of our Virtual pride events for corporate teams are customizable. Our event experts will work with you to curate an experience personalized as per your team's goals and vision.

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