Boba Tea Making and Holiday Bingo

By   Virtuelly Experiences

Experience Details

  • 2 hours
  • Includes shipping of product required for the experience
  • Requires 14 days shipping lead time

Learn to make the authentic Boba tea and play a slick, fun-filled, corporate clean holiday drag bingo! This super interactive event is full of yum, songs and jokes as we are able to bring individual players on screen for a chat. Add on our virtual Photo Booth and Trivia packages from the add-ons menu for a complete party experience! The flat fee includes Bingo for up to 50 participants. To host this for more than 50 people, please choose the option from the add-ons menu. Heads up! This is a fully customizable experience where you can swap out the activity or the entertainment. You may choose options available on our website. Get in touch with our team to know more!

What you need to bring to the experience?

  1. A glass
  2. Ice pot
  3. A stove
  4. A strainer
  5. milk (optional)
  6. Holiday cards (that we will email you for holiday bingo)

What to expect on the day of experience

The super fun holiday experience! You will learn how to cook boba and enjoy the drink together all the while having fun!! Lots of songs, jokes, silly dances, and a great game of bingo follows! We create a party-like atmosphere and encourage everyone to dress up. This holiday party will bring together and connect colleagues and teams in a high energy environment.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund on cancellations 4+ weeks in advance

Half refund on cancellations 4 weeks in advance

No refund on cancellations after 3 weeks in advance

Additional Information

We have a large LED screen on the set and can include your company logo or branding on the set during the show. We can also create custom music playlists and themed events with the appropriate costumes and set decorations. In the past we've done, Flower Power, Halloween, Christmas, 1980's, Club Tropicana, Mad Hatters Tea Party, etc.


Yes, but please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. Prices vary based on destination.
We will send the bingo cards in an email individually to everyone.
Yes! Write to us at to get this going!

How it works

On booking confirmation, we will email you a Zoom link with all the details.

About the Host


Flat fee* $1399

Per person fee $72.5

Total $1399.00

*(Exclusive of Taxes)

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