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Bestseller Custom Handcrafted Holiday Gift Box

By   Virtuelly Experiences

Swag Details

Send a custom handcrafted winter or holiday gift box to your team ! Specially hand-picked items, this box is packed with swag and goodies from across the US. You can customize the box with as many items and choose from unique handcrafted items from candles, socks, scarfs, hot chocolates, teas, biscotti's, etc. Each box has a custom branded sticker, label and note included. Show appreciation for your team by sending them a box they actually love. Unbox a whole lot of awesomeness.

What's in the box

  1. Choose from wide range of objects, like Mugs, Notebooks, Socks, Blankets and many more options.

How it works

Our swag boxes feature hand-crafted items from across the US including mugs, socks, scarves, chocolates, fudges and more in an earthy package. with custom branded items. Unboxing these is an experience in itself, making lasting impressions on your team or clients and amplifying your brand's reach. This token of appreciation will makes your employees appreciate you for thoughtful gifting.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation after order is placed

Customizations Available

Hey there! Get ready for something special – our swag boxes are fully customizable to match your style. From mugs to notebooks, you can pick and choose the items you want in the box, and have it all personalized with your logo and message. Let's create a unique box that reflects your company's vibe and leaves a lasting impression!


Flat fee* $299

Per person fee $55

Total $299.00

*(Exclusive of Taxes)

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