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Engraved Chocolate Bars | 1 lb

By   Virtuelly Experiences

Swag Details

There is no greater way to show appreciation to your team during the holidays or throughout the year than with a 1 lb bar of luxuriously crafted chocolate. Customize the bar with a company logo engraving directly on the chocolate bar and personalize the packaging with your artwork printed on a band or the entire lid. A complex custom molding process allows for super-fine details directly to the face of the chocolate bars and guarantees a one-of-a-kind corporate gift that will not be forgotten. The chocolate bars come in an elegant "lid and base" gift box. The stock lids are available in the colors options - Red, Gold, Silver, Black and Kraft. Shipping is not included in the prices mentioned.

What's in the box

  1. 1lbs precision-engraved Belgian chocolate bar with custom-printed sleeve around the gift box

How it works

Once you have placed your order, we will pack and ship the order to your address. The order will be delivered to you within 10-14 business days after approval of design.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation after order is placed

Customizations Available

The per person price includes a custom-printed band which wraps around the lid. For a fully custom-printed lid, please choose the option from the Add-ons menu. You can get your custom chocolate bars produced with the following chocolate options: (1) Belgian Milk Chocolate; (2) Belgian Dark Chocolate; (3) Combo Bar: The combination of Belgian milk chocolate and semi-sweet dark chocolate marries together the creamy and sweet qualities of the milk chocolate with the more robust richness of the dark chocolate. Please note the Combo Bar is slightly more expensive than other flavors. Get in touch with our team to know more!


Flat fee* $99

Per person fee $30

Total $99.00

*(Exclusive of Taxes)

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