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The Marshmallow Charity Challenge

By   Virtuelly Experiences

Experience Details

  • 60 mins

Elevate your team-building with purpose through the Marshmallow Challenge with a STEM charity twist. In this unique version, teams construct freestanding structures using spaghetti sticks, tape, string, and a marshmallow, all while contributing to STEM education. Lasting 18 minutes, the challenge promotes teamwork and problem-solving, emphasizing adaptability and learning from failures. The catch? The marshmallow symbolizes the aspirations of young minds. By engaging in this purpose-driven activity, participants actively support the donation of STEM kits to educational institutions or underserved communities, making a meaningful impact on education while reinforcing essential team-building.

What to expect on the day of experience

Get ready for a dynamic team-building adventure as participants are grouped into teams of 4 to 5 individuals to take on the Marshmallow Challenge. The goal? Construct the tallest freestanding structure using the marshmallow kit provided. The unique twist is that the marshmallow must claim the top spot, and the entire structure needs to stand independently. Brace yourself for an engaging 18-minute journey filled with collaborative problem-solving, creativity, and strategic thinking as teams work to achieve this lofty objective. The Marshmallow Challenge promises an exciting and fast-paced experience that will test your team's skills and camaraderie.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund on cancellations 4+ weeks in advance

Half refund on cancellations 4 weeks in advance

No refund on cancellations after 3 weeks in advance


Flat fee* $499

Per person fee $49

Total $499.00

*(Exclusive of Taxes)

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